Starting of a journey.

Getting by my last semester of normal school felt slow and jarring, every day felt like a chore. I knew Propel was around the corner and getting past my semester was my only goal. I knew that I would have a good family again. We would cry together and help each other up when our heads go through rough places. Propel is where my mind was at. counting the days until I could start on a project with new people around me to give and take feedback. We would be truthful to each other and all try our hardest to push one another to strive for greatness. Its where I am most at home and most comfortable. 

My work ethic has drastically improved, like my last semester from Propel. I have been feeling good about myself again, my work has gained meaning to myself. My mentality about my place in my life has made substantial growth over the past years. Working in Propel and travelling to Japan, helped me in many ways I cannot describe in this short blog post. 

These past three weeks have lived up to all my expectations. I can already feel myself growing socially and academically. I know this first blog doesn’t have much detail into my first weeks, But I’ve barely started my journey. Time flew by and my new friends keep my mind busy, I spend less time overthinking my problems when I’m around them. This semester will be a challenge, but I accept it!

Mr. Hansen and Mr. Patrician are two of the most phenomenal teachers that I have the privilege to learn from. Their admiration, talent and strive helped me and many students alike in life. All they want is for us to see what’s best in ourselves, as they do. Time management is one of the greater things we learn during our short time in propel. they push it upon us because they know it’s best for us. Having a schedule and a to-do list is very important to keeping track of the little things.

I can’t wait to see what everybody’s projects develop into this semester. I will love to help in any ways I can if possible. My project will most likely be digital drawing (Not to give away too much). So, this means I can make art and graphics for any other projects. I would love to implement myself in as many projects as possible to help advance their end products.

Propel has advanced my life, in every way. I hope I will see as much improvement to myself and to others during this semester, as my last. This is a super important part of my life, and it will not let it slip away and become a memory. They gave me this power to help others, so that I will!

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