Almost repetivive?

These past 2 weeks have been stressful for me. I have been trying to decide what direction I want my project to be heading in. I have been breaking my project down into steps and milestones. I Currently must complete 5 main art pieces and roughly 6 client pieces. I am going to get a lot of feedback between steps. This is what will be taking up most of my time. After I am done most of my art pieces, I will get in contact with someone working at Ubisoft. have a conversation with them about my artwork, what the world of art is like and how working at Ubisoft is. After I am completed all my art pieces, I shall have them sent off to print.

I found that my project was going to get repetitive, very repetitive. like, almost too repetitive. Since I am creating an art portfolio and would consistently be creating art pieces. Why not break my project down into a workflow! This shows my art process from sketching, colouring, shading and many feedback sessions. I chose a workflow because I found working in a rhythmic flow of steps increases my working speed. and lets me apply solid feedback. I want to have my conversation with Ubisoft after I’m done my fourth drawing. So I can get as much information as possible to enhance my final art piece.

During these next few weeks, I will be working hard to get as much quality work done. I am setting myself a goal to complete 2 major art pieces, 2 client tasks and to start crafting an email to Ubisoft. I am in the phase where I need to start grinding out artwork. Sitting down with a nice coffee in the morning, listening to music, chilling and drawing is what will keep me calm during these stressful times. I feel like I have given my project some ground to work off now. I believe it is time to push my negative thoughts aside and just start doing.

One thought on “Almost repetivive?

  1. Patrician says:

    Sounds like you have a good plan moving forward and am grad to hear you are getting into “do mode”. Please proof read. You have lots of sentences that start with a lower case. Additionally, any number less that 11 should be written out (ex: one, two, ten, 11).

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