Its hard to grasp how fast this semester is going. Its already October but it still feels like the first week of school.he past week I have been working very hard on my proof of concept that was assigned to me. Mr. Hansen and Mr. Patrician has already bought me a graphics tablet for working on comedic animations (at least i hope its comedic). I love walking around and listening to peoples proof of concept and what they are doing and thinking for their project. Everyone has problems that they need to overcome and I love trying to help in any way I can. There has been so many problems and difficulties that I have had to work around or fix. One of the large problems is that the pressure sensitivity on the program I was using was not working properly. I Tried so many ways to fix the large problem like trying different programs and playing with the different settings. I`ve barely been in the right headspace to work on my B tasks. Lots of little fixes have gone into my animation from fixing small movements all the way to completely changing full scenes. 

Going into the first week of October I’m looking forward to finishing on my proof of concept. I will try my hardest to work on all of my B tasks because I have multiple to work on and to catch up on. I will try to work a minimum of 3 hours a day to finish each of my animations with sound and full colour. I think this week of propel will be a productive fun week. The biggest challenge this week will most likely be re making a lot of the frames and fixing animations. Working this week will have many challenges but I hope to learn from them aswell as overcoming the challenges.

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