My dad, sister and I all drove out to the outskirts of Winnipeg. We had been wishing to go out for a drive out of the city for a long time to look at the stars but the weather conditions were never great. I had been excited for the week leading up to it because I had never seen the stars before. Driving out of the city into the darkness of the highways must be the best part of the short trip. During the drive, we turned all the lights in the car down so out eyes could adjust to the darkness. We turned onto some dirt road 30 minutes east of Winnipeg. Stepping out of the car was one of the nicest feelings I’ve had, I was so anxious that I jumped right out of the car.

I looked up and was amazed at how many stars I could see, the light of the city was still bleaching the sky, half of the sky was taken up by the faint light of Winnipeg. I sat by the wheel of the car with my head leaned back, Imagining so many questions about space. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I saw my first shooting star, it streaked across the sky in under a second.

My Dad started to tell a story when we started to adjust to the darkness. He was out on the edge of lake Winnipeg, he set up camp right near the edge of the lake. There was a big camp fire that they set up. He was noticing that the fire was shrinking and raging huge in short intervals. When the fire was shrinking he noticed that his eyes and skin would dry up. He was curious why. When the fire raged he noticed that the lake shimmered like glass so a few moments later a large could of mist would rise out of the lake into the sky dispersing at the top of the air layer. This would happen every few minutes.

Sitting on the side of the car listening to the story looking up to the sky was so peaceful I finished my hot chocolate. That was sitting in the car. Wrapped 4 Layers of clothing. he was outside for hours just looking at the phenomenon while his friends sat by the fire in the cold. Sitting out there made me realize that everyone has good points and bad points in their life but you just have to shimmer through the bad points.

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