Progressively this school year has been getting more stressful, with everything needing to be done within the next four weeks. Since we are 14 weeks into the semester I have had a lot of doubts. Starting off my art based project was crazy, with lots of planning that I didn’t expect. All the extra assignments my class was assigned were quickly piling up. My slightly overwhelming art project along with my extra assignments were piling up.

Since my teachers witnessed most of our class were falling behind schedule, they implemented an extra lesson titled “Stay Organized” where they were slightly angry at us. I was scared because I had an abysmal amount of work I needed to have done, and not much time to do so. We had to choose 3 different organizational strategies. The ones I chose for myself were well researched and well thought out. Just getting enough sleep is a very important one for me, I find myself staying up all night doing homework or laying on my bed motionless. Having more energy throughout the whole day helps me a lot more with my work speed, rather than being exhausted all day. Normally I wait until the very last moment to finish my work, I procrastinate, but I try to not let myself get to that stage.

My Teachers pulled me and my class into individual conferences about how we will keep everything organized. We had a conversation about using my phone to have reminders ping whenever I need to get something done. As soon as my brain could keep up with my reminders and strategies I quickly was able to finish all the cards that I had left to draw. My B Tasks that I needed to work on were gaining on me, fast. I have started to feel very overwhelmed with everything, school, driving, Japan, friends, and family.

The strategies that I have been applying to my life have been helping me stay in check, I am starting to worry less and do more. My project is starting to get close to completion, I finally finished my cards for my project and I am very happy with the results. I hope to get my project finished by my next blog and I hope to have kept my sanity. 😊

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Matt Patrician · December 4, 2017 at 1:33 pm

Reminders on your phone are the best! I am glad they have helped to keep you on top of your work. How do you plan to make sure you get enough sleep every night? I use an app that reminds me to go to bed. It is a simple thing to program but is gives me a second to pause and think of how much I will benefit from keeping a good sleep routine. Gotta love a solid eight!

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