My first two weeks of propel have already started to be my favorite school year. I have still been getting used to waking up at 7am, getting ready and taking the 45-minute bus ride to the school. I love it because all of it is new to me. Propel is starting to seem like an amazing program everyone around me that I work with are amazing and very inspirational.

We were assigned the task of making a presentation of our choosing. I chose to make it on animation which is what hope to do this semester. It was fun making my presentation of my choosing I worked on it with my own time. After listening to the first cluster of people’s presentations I felt more confident about my presentation. I worked on my presentation more after I listened to tips from the class and teachers. I had my presentation near to the last, waiting was ramping up my anxieties I started to overthink everything and I was freaking out constantly. When It was my time to present I felt ready, I got half way through the presentation before I had to close my eyes and breath for a second. After I opened my eyes I started to cry. I made it through to the end. When I had to listen to the comments and points I tried my hardest to keep a smile on my face even though I was crying a lot. Everyone was very supportive with me and told me I did great.

I feel very welcomed into propel and happy that everyone is so kind, I feel like I have already started to make some nice friends. Kelsen is funny and I can tell he is very passionate about music. He is someone I feel like will help me throughout the year. When we set up the room I had a lot of fun helping out everyone if they needed help. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of propel because we get to start out project. I hope all turns out well for everyone!

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