Holidays are coming, we are so close to finishing the project. Me and Jeremy have spent our time putting the finishing touches on our project. Our board game is almost finished and we are both very excited to see it in person. I have finished all 32 Cards, the game map, the box art and some other smaller objectives.

Over the next few days I will be enjoying my time at home with a corgi, the most adorable doggo ever. At school, I will need to finish a few extra B tasks. during the break, I will finally be able to relax. Being in the right state of mind to relax is important during Christmas.  After the break starts we will have to wait for our projects to be delivered to us.

I will be playing lots of videogame like league of legends, Overwatch and dungeons & dragons during the break. Our family might drive out to Kenora to see some family, possibly to watch the new Star Wars movie.

This break will mostly be a time for me to reset and get ready for my upcoming Japanese trip. I will be leaving on January 28th for school. I will need to start working on my final presentation. I will hopefully clear my mind during this break and be refreshed and ready for the last month of school. Thanks for readying my update 😊

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