After conferencing with Mr. Patrician about how to organize my project planning package made me realize how far behind I was in my project. We saw how many check-boxes I had marked off my action plan, and it was under the amount that was planned. I have never made a structure like this before, for my schedule, and I know I need to pick up the pace of my work ethic.

I’ve had my two conferences to date, and I know I need to have one more to complete my action plan checkup. My first conference was a disaster; I didn’t understand that both Jeremy and I needed to complete the same Gantt chart. It helped me realize that our collaborative, not individual.

My second conference was better. When I came back to Mr. Patrician with my Gantt chart, we had fixed the length of the phases for the planned future. There were many changes and I found I needed to catch up on my project lots, which had me stressed out an incredible amount. My week had already been riddled with bad news. My gym projects need to be completed and I had to find out all the credits I am going to be obtaining this year for my trip to japan.

At this moment, I need to have completed the art for 9 unique cards and I need to find out how many cards a day I need to complete to catch up to be at the minimum amount. I’ve figured out that I need to be at a pace of 4 cards a day for the next week to be at the desired pace. I am currently happy that I finally know what I need to be working on, at full pace. This is how I love to work: tell me exactly what I need to complete, and what is most important.

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